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Who we are:

CILC, former CMA founded in 1997, is a Representative and Academic Affiliate of North American ,Turkish and Cypriot Universities in Canada nationwide. With its professional team of university professors and educational consultants and more than 10 years of superb educational planning experience in helping students, professionals and organizations achieving their short-term and long-term growth objectives towards prosperity, CILC provides you with customized learning solutions and specialized curriculum which suits your professional life and educational needs; in addition, CILC offers an extraordinary amount of control over how, when and where to study. Your busy daily schedule can make finding the time to study and balancing your education with family, career, and everything else you do in life a real challenge, so we offer you innovative undergraduate, graduate, and continuing professional education programs.

CILC orients the students who have already enrolled in an academic program by helping them in their pathway during their studies if they face any sort of difficulty and in need of any kind of assistance.
CILC Academic Advisory Group is one of the experienced advisory institution in education and immigration in Ontario -Canada. With more than 15 years of experiences, we provide the best services in the education and immigration consulting industry. There are several services at CILC including: Go Canada, Internship Placement, Visa Services, Adult Education, University Settlement, University Transfer, Scholarship & Educational Loans, Educational & academic Referral, Distance Learning & Adult Educational, Proposal, Portfolio , SOP , Resume writing , Helping international student to find jobs .
Providing better and higher quality standard education in Universities and Colleges within Canada or abroad (US, Australia, UK, Turkey , Cyprus ) for international students is our main goal. That explains why we have such excellent and strong connections with different colleges, universities, and private language institutions all over the World of Education. On the other hand, we conscientiously consult students with no monetary cost; comprehensive advice and support to make the best decisions regarding your plan of study in Canada and abroad .We also provide students various services, such as assistance for visas and travel insurance, or supports for accommodations. As the best international educational agency. Now, we are proudly to announce that we have been in touch with hundreds of known universities for our international students from all over the world.
CILC Education & Immigration Consulting is an international educational services company whose primary business is to provide academic/Immigration assistance and counselling services to international students. These activities include helping students to identify appropriate educational programs to pursue and guiding them through the application and enrolment processes and gob finding. Furthermore, CILC helps them to immigrate to Canada after their studies.

If you have ever applied for a job in Canada, definitely you have realized that companies are giving significant emphasize on job applicants’ university degrees or job-related professional certificates. Therefore, for a deserving candidate who is looking to create a powerful and sustainable career path, it is vital to furnish the recruiters with proof of job-related academic degrees and certificates.
There are many academic distance learning institutions that present variety of educational opportunities, but it is very important to find the easiest, safest and fastest way to obtain what you deserve. CILC gives you such services that you can rarely find in any other institution or university in Canada such as:

  • You will have an ongoing and flawless support of a team of caring professional academic consultants who provides you with top-notch academic advices and services throughout your journey.

  • We will provide you the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to acquire the necessary skillset for your dream job.

  • More than 100 different tailor-made academic programs that perfectly suit your work and educational background are ready to assist you to achieve your instant and long term career goals.
    Our Slogan:
    Education is Eternal

    Our Goal:
    Helping you to built your future
    Our core values:

  • Equity - We believe that all people should have availability to higher education regardless of their income and wealth situation. We are in charge of changing all people lives by offering them life changing educational solutions and help all of them achieve their academic and career goals.

  • Leadership - We are experienced enough to orient our applicants in all levels of higher education with our genuine and frank services.

  • Integrity - In order not lose their true direction, we follow our students from the first step (freshman) to the end (graduate). In this way, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

  • Support - We give our clients the tools they need to thrive.

  • Livability - We give new life and new soul to our graduates.
































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